Frequently Asked Questions Or The Fine Print

Arrival Time:  Your contract tells you when you can arrive.  Your leaders can arrive early to setup but if the group comes more than an hour early we may not be ready.  If you have to come earlier than the contracted time then your group will be charged a day use fee.

Departure Time:  This is also on your contract.  We ask that you be out of the sleeping areas at the designated time but we usually let you use your meeting room for longer.  We need you out of the sleeping areas because we often have another group coming the same day and our staff needs to start cleaning as soon as you're out.  If your group needs to stay longer you will be charged a day use fee.

Deposits:  Your contract tells you what deposits are required and when they are due.  You must have all deposits into our office two weeks before your arrival.

Minimum Number: By signing the contract you are guaranteeing us payment for the minimum number you expect to bring.  This amount is the combination of all your deposits.  You must pay this amount even if you are not able to bring that many people.  We set these minimums because that is number of people we can open those rooms for and not be losing money.

Maximum Number: This is also on your contract.  This the most actual beds available to your group.  There are often other groups on the grounds with you and so this number cannot go up without first checking with our office.


Charges and Fees: We are a non-profit 501c organization but we do not receive any outside funding.  The payment of our operating costs come from the Charges and Fees we collect from our guests.  We are a relatively new organization and as of this year we are only at 60% of the occupancy rate we need in order to be self sustaining.  We are growing every year but we are losing money every year.  We've tried to keep the Charges and Fees as low as possible but we cannot go lower without losing even more money.   We've tried to make it easier for groups to have a cost effective retreat by creating a Base Rate for food, sleeping areas and meeting rooms.  Everything else is a separate fee so you can decide for yourselves what to spend money on which is on our A La Cart Pricing document.

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