CAMP VOUCHER PROGRAM (Summer & Winter Programs)


We want your event to be a success.  We understand the financial burden on non-profit organizations, we want to help while at the same time improve your experience with us.


Just like there are different needs for each individual event there also different things that will make your experience better.


Give us a call today and take us up on our CAMP VOUCHER program! 

Guest Campership


For every 20 paying guest we will sponsor 1 Camper.


You know your group, give this gift to that individual that would otherwise not be able to participate.  Or

spread out that gift among your group and get a lower per person rate for everyone attending.

Activity Package


Use your camp voucher to take advantage of our A la Carte Activities


Allow everyone in your group to have an even better time during your event and use your voucher for A la carte Activities.

Upgrade you


If you got the fun and financials covered get and even better meal for your group.


If your program is set, money is not an issue or you simply just want to have an even better meal.  Use your voucher to upgrade one of your meals or snacks.

DETAILS: If this is your group's first time with us and you are a non-profit group you can take advantage of our CAMP VOUCHER promotion. For every 20 full time paid guests you will receive a voucher for the amount your group is paying for 1 guest.  You can use that voucher to pay for one camper, apply the amount towards one of our activities or toward upgrading a meal.  The more people you bring  the more you'll save.  THIS PROMOTION MUST BE REQUESTED DURING THE CONTRACT PROCESS.

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