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With different types of lodging, we can accommodate groups from 20 to 192.

With an exclusive reservation of 120 guests or more, you can have the entire facility

as well as our staff's attention all to yourself! 


We know that every group is different, with different budgets and different priorities. 

So we want to help you create an event that’s customized just for you! 

Check out our Basic Package and our "A La Carte" options below. Please call or email us if you have any questions or prefer to book outside of the website.

This rate includes sleeping rooms, meeting space, meals, and the use of our grounds. On top of our "Base Rate", we give you a choice of other amenities, activities, and services that you can purchase. 

Rather than charging for a bundle of services, each group can pick and choose what they want to do while at camp.  

Get started by letting us know your plans!

Thanks for your entry! We will get back to you soon!

Plan Your Stay: Bookings
  • Check out our Facilities page for more details!

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