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The Facility

Everything You Need to Know About Our Grounds

The Lodge

Pricing Per Person: 2 nights, 5 meals
Base Rate: $142.00


Our historic two-story Lodge houses up to 102 guests in 15 bunk-rooms and one hotel style room.  Reservation of the Lodge includes the use of Evan's Hall which is our largest meeting room situated down the hall from your lodging.  This beautiful building takes you back in time with its log staircases and large rock fireplace. 

Lodge Map:


Pricing Per Person: 2 nights, 5 meals
Base Rates: $118.00

In addition to the main Lodge, the conference center has 4 dormitories:

2  rooms of 18, 1 room of 12, and another room of 14 for a total of 62 guests.  Dorm reservations include the use of Ponderosa or Chapel meeting rooms.

Layout of Dorms:

Dorm Layout 1:

Dorm Layout 2:


Pricing Per Person: 2 nights, 5 meals
Base Rates: $159.00

2 guest cottages with private rooms and baths are available. They house a total of 9 guests. Cottage reservations come with linen service. 

Cottage Map:

Meeting Rooms

We have a total of 3 meeting rooms. 

A minimum of one meeting room is included in every group reservation and is part of the Base Rate.  Exclusive Use reservations include all 3 meeting rooms. Additional meeting rooms can be reserved if available at an extra charge.


  1. Evans Hall: 160 people. Includes a beautiful rock fireplace, log staircases, and rich wood flooring and walls. Included with Lodge reservation

  2. Ponderosa: 40 people. This room was recently remodeled and is our newest meeting room.

  3. Chapel: 75 people. Includes a stage perfect for a worship band.

Arrangements can be made ahead of time to reserve P.A. equipment and/or a projector from our "A La Carte" Pricing Sheet.

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