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We are reopening our doors and need your help!
Join us for this month-long campaign and be an important part of reviving our camp. Here's how you can help...

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Why Give?
As a nonprofit organization, we completely rely on community support. None of our efforts would be possible without the help of fellow leaders, camp alumni, and supportive community members. 
Since the Covid crisis began we have not been allowed to have any groups at our facility. Even without groups, we have had plenty of work to do and we were fortunate to receive a PPP loan.  But now that money has come to an end. 
What we need is financial help.  Financial gifts help us to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for all our guests. When you give to us, you are giving to the many campers and guest groups whose lives change while at camp! 
Where is your money going?
Check out our are our top priority reopening projects. If you would like to sponsor a specific project, contact us today!

Now that we are in the process of reopening, we need barriers in cabins and bathrooms to help with social distancing.  As well as sanitizing equipment

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 5.03.27 PM.png

We would like to put up another Zip-line that would be allow more guests to ride in a shorter amount of time

Cost Estimate: $20,000+

New Driveway

Our driveway and parking lots are in great need of new pavement.

Cost Estimate: $120,000+

New Roofs

We need to new roofs on Shiloh, Palomino and the Bathhouse. 

Cost Estimate: $5,000

Paths & Walkways

We've already been working on our paths and walkways but there's still lots to do.

Cost Estimate: $10,000


Power outages have become the norm so we need to be ready to keep the lights on!

Cost Estimate: $30,000

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 5.01.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 4.59.06 PM.png


   New chairs

   Windows in the Lodge

   Shower and restroom divisions

   Remodel of Bathhouse and Shiloh      

Please Donate Today

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