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Slip and Slide
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Leap of Faith
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Pipe Dreams
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Canoeing Fun

Unfortunately due to the drought in California we do not have canoeing or swimming at this time.


We have many activities available to enhance your stay with us. Activity opportunities included with your reservation are: a large playfield for baseball, football, soccer and more; children’s playground with swings and climbing fort; 120 ft slip and slide, basketball and sand volley ball courts; ping pong; foosball and a 120 foot slip & slide complete with inner tubes for riding.


A La Carte Activies feature: A Challenge Course which includes High Ropes with several elements; a Zip Line; a Climbing Wall; a Low Ropes/Initiatives course.  Canoeing on Big Bear Lake; and a Swim Beach on the lake are also part of our A la Carte Activities. (See A La Carte Pricing Sheet Below.) Please note that water activities are available from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend and during the winter/spring seasons, the Ropes Course Elements are available only if weather and snow/mud conditions allow.


Each Challenge Course Element is a stand-alone event and can be experienced individually or combined to create a custom-designed course. As the name Challenge implies, the elements have been created to challenge participants to step beyond their comfort level, build trust, confidence and faith. They are also just plain fun!


Come and enjoy the fresh mountain air, right on the lake in Big Bear. We look forward to serving your retreat, seminar, family camp, or other event.

Begins with a 35 foot climb on staples, then a transfer to a platform and a ZIP across a meadow on a 200 foot cable.
Challenge Level 1 (easiest). Recommended for all ages – (must meet minimum height and weight
Timing Estimate: An average time for 1 participant is about 10 minutes.
Cost: $125 per hour
Climbing Wall
The Wall is approximately 25 feet tall, with hand and footholds to assist the climber. There are two climbing routes, one a little more challenging than the other. With two routes open at once, groups can organize races and other challenges.
Challenge Level 1 (easiest). Recommended for all ages – (must meet minimum weight requirement however, there is no height requirement.)
Timing Estimate: An average time for 1 participant is about 6 minutes.
Cost: $50 per hour per route.
Try your aim at archery. Have some fun hitting the bulls eye, while you enjoy the fresh mountain air.
Team Building Initiatives
A set of Initiative activities and Low Rope elements which are done as a group and have a goal of creating trust and teamwork within the group. Christian groups can also emphasize faith-building. This event will be custom designed to fit the goals of the group. Low Rope elements include Challenge Wall, Low V, Single Low Cable Walk, and Spider Web. Can be done in groups of 8 – 25 and may be combined with high challenge elements if desired.
Challenge Level 1 (easiest). Recommended for ages 10 and
Pipe's Dream
This is an obstacle element in which two team members assist each other to walk a 25 foot cable
through obstacles of pipes and ropes. This element is designed to build teamwork and trust.
Challenge Level 2 (requires a medium level of risk taking ability). Recommended for ages 10 and above -
(must meet minimum height and weight requirements below.)
Timing Estimate: An average time for 1 team is about 10 minutes
Cost: $100 per hour
Leap of Faith
Begins with a 30 foot climb on a towering pine to a small platform. From the platform,
participants must leap for a trapeze which seems an impossible jump away. The actual distance of the trapeze is
Challenge Level 3 (requires a high level of risk taking ability). Recommended for junior high age youth and
above - (must meet minimum height and weight requirements below.)
Timing Estimate: An average time for 1 participant is about 5 minutes.
Cost: $50 per hour

Additional Activities in the area

* Winter ski resorts (10 minutes) * Snow Board rental * Jet ski * Ski boat rental * Mountain biking *

hiking * Famous Big Bear Village shopping (5 minutes) * Golf (10 minutes) * Fishing * Fine dining (5 minutes)

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